Concept2 Bike

Concept2 Bike - Knowthedrills
Concept2 Bike - Knowthedrills
Concept2 Bike - Knowthedrills
Concept2 Bike - Knowthedrills

Concept2 Bike

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If you break something, we pay 90% and you only 10% of the costs for repair or replacement. Normal signs of use and device errors are of course fully covered.

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You can also pay the remaining rental payments at once at any other time and buy the device immediately.

The delivery costs and collection are already included in your rent.

Rent THE fitness bike for your home! The Concept2 BikeERG simulates training on the road just too perfectly. The innovative air resistance creates an even resistance. Measure your performance, monitor your progress and share your performance metrics with friends. Rent it easily and flexibly and if you like it, you can buy it afterwards!

Training, like on the street

The Concept2 fitness bike works with air resistance that is generated by the wind turbine. This resistance principle enables a smooth, directly responsive and quiet ride. Unlike most bicycle ergometers, the BikeErg, like a normal bicycle, is equipped with a freewheel.

The Performance Monitor allows you to customize your workout and provides instant feedback during your workout with a wide range of display modes.

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Frau auf Sessel denkt über Bestellung eines Sportgerätes nach. Im Hintergrund steht ein Rudergerät.

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