Red Paddle Co VOYAGER

Red Paddle Co VOYAGER - Knowthedrills
Red Paddle Co VOYAGER - Knowthedrills
Red Paddle Co VOYAGER - Knowthedrills
Red Paddle Co VOYAGER - Knowthedrills

Red Paddle Co VOYAGER

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2022 SET Red Paddle Co VOYAGER 12'6'' x 32'' x 6'' MSL


The extra length and extra volume make it the ideal board for long tours and for larger stature paddlers. Thanks to the additional length, a two- or four-legged companion can easily go on the board. The large luggage areas also offer plenty of space for your camping equipment. With this board you can count on extra stability in all conditions. Our exclusive MSL technology combined with the patented RSS system makes this board stiffer than other boards on the market, even at lower pressure. This is indispensable, especially when fully loaded. On the underside of the board is a removable fin that can be easily attached to the board by hand and secured with a thumbscrew. By intelligently tapering the drop-stitch cut, the innovative V-shaped hull at the tip of the Red Paddle Co VOYAGER 12'6" manipulates the surface tension of the water, allowing for even better gliding throughout the paddle stroke. The Red Paddle Co VOYAGER 12'6" cuts through the water with ease and greater speed. A truly groundbreaking innovation! Compared to a board with a flatter hull, efficiency and effectiveness are scientifically proven to increase. With the V-hull of the Red Paddle Co VOYAGER 12'6" you can paddle longer and with less effort. Another plus point: The curved tip of the deck provides more space under the straps for all your equipment. With the double fin we introduced a new fin setup on our Red Paddle Co VOYAGER 12'6" that improves tracking and planing. With two shorter fins instead of one longer fin, you can explore shallower waters with ease and experience new paddling adventures. Another advantage: Your board remains super stable even when fully loaded. Side-to-side roll that occurs with a fin is reduced.

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Frau auf Sessel denkt über Bestellung eines Sportgerätes nach. Im Hintergrund steht ein Rudergerät.

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