AssaultRunner Pro

AssaultRunner Pro - Knowthedrills
AssaultRunner Pro - Knowthedrills
AssaultRunner Pro - Knowthedrills
AssaultRunner Pro - Knowthedrills
AssaultRunner Pro - Knowthedrills
AssaultRunner Pro - Knowthedrills

AssaultRunner Pro

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minimum rental period

If you break something, we pay 90% and you only 10% of the costs for repair or replacement. Normal signs of use and device errors are of course fully covered.

You can buy the product for €1 after the following total rental periods:

3+ Monate -> 29 Monate
6+ Monate -> 39 Monate
12+ Monate -> 50 Monate
18+ Monate -> 57 Monate
24+ Monate -> 63 Monate

(only applies to the normal price, with discounts the total rental period is longer)

You can also pay the remaining rental payments at once at any other time and buy the device immediately.

The delivery costs and collection are already included in your rent.

The AssaultRunner Pro is a top-class treadmill that packs an intense workout into a small package.

The name says it all

It's like walking on air, but with a powerful boost. This treadmill is unlike any you've run on before: it was developed to optimally perform high-intensity training programs and running on the AirRunner burns up to 30% more calories than on commercially available motorized versions.

Non-motorized and ultra-light: the special feature of the AirRunner is that it is powered by your energy, therefore it does not consume electricity and thus has a smaller CO2 footprint. You will be amazed what hard workouts are only possible with the power of your own two feet! On top of that, the AirRunner is the lightest treadmill available at just under 84 cm wide.

Best for Interval Training: The Assault team understands the effectiveness of interval training, so the treadmill was designed with HIIT in mind. The runner can change the speed at will and immediately - without tedious and time-consuming button pressing. By the way, this bad boy has no maximum speed - so just run as fast as you can!

Durability: The AirRunner is designed to kick your butt for years to come. The frame and handlebars are made of steel, the hardware is resistant to corrosion and the lamellar belt has a surface that can withstand up to 250,000 km. Yes, exactly, 250,000 kilometers, that's not a typo! The tension of the band does not have to be readjusted and the deck does not have to be replaced. The Assault AirRunner is easier to maintain than any commercial treadmill!


  • Suitable height: 150cm to 194cm (5'0'' to 6'4'')
  • Maximum user weight: 159kg (350lbs)
  • Detachable console with LCD screen with high contrast, Bluetooth interface for connecting almost all uncoded 512K heart rate belts
  • Powder coated steel frame.

Standard Shipping

  • Curbside shipping
  • Independent assembly, dismantling not necessary
  • Storage of the packaging is not necessary
Frau auf Sessel denkt über Bestellung eines Sportgerätes nach. Im Hintergrund steht ein Rudergerät.

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