Assault Rower Elite

AssaultRower Elite - Knowthedrills
AssaultRower Elite - Knowthedrills
AssaultRower Elite - Knowthedrills

Assault Rower Elite

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minimum rental period

If you break something, we pay 90% and you only 10% of the costs for repair or replacement. Normal signs of use and device errors are of course fully covered.

You can buy the product for €1 after the following total rental periods:

3+ Monate -> 14 Monate
6+ Monate -> 17 Monate
12+ Monate -> 21 Monate
18+ Monate -> 28 Monate
24+ Monate -> 40 Monate

(only applies to the normal price, with discounts the total rental period is longer)

You can also pay the remaining rental payments at once at any other time and buy the device immediately.

The delivery costs and collection are already included in your rent.

The effective full body workout!

The Assault Rower Elite was developed by professional athletes and trainers who tested the best fitness equipment in the world to create a single, high-performance rowing machine that packs a punch!

The Assault Rower's strong steel frame construction and innovative design combined with its durability make it the best-in-class rowing machine on the market.

The workout on the AssaultRower is the ideal balance to everyday life and a very effective way to do sports in the gym or in your own four walls!

The intensive full-body workout not only burns a lot of calories, but also makes you physically fitter and strengthens your upper body and leg muscles. The AssaultRower is therefore an excellent training device for a joint-gentle, performance-enhancing and health-promoting full-body workout.

Every single component of the AssaultRower is built to last. The powerful, two-speed chain and belt drive, sweat-resistant seat, steel footplates, and aluminum carrier set the AssaultRower apart from the rest of the competition because they mean maximum durability and a low-maintenance rowing experience.

Standard Shipping

  • Curbside shipping
  • Independent assembly necessary for the first delivery of a new device, dismantling not necessary
  • Storage of the packaging is not necessary
    Frau auf Sessel denkt über Bestellung eines Sportgerätes nach. Im Hintergrund steht ein Rudergerät.

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