Assault Bike Elite

AssaultBike Elite - Knowthedrills
AssaultBike Elite - Knowthedrills
AssaultBike Elite - Knowthedrills
AssaultBike Elite - Knowthedrills
AssaultBike Elite - Knowthedrills

Assault Bike Elite

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minimum rental period

If you break something, we pay 90% and you only 10% of the costs for repair or replacement. Normal signs of use and device errors are of course fully covered.

You can buy the product for €1 after the following total rental periods:

3+ Monate -> 15 Monate
6+ Monate -> 22 Monate
12+ Monate -> 28 Monate
18+ Monate -> 34 Monate
24+ Monate -> 41 Monate

(only applies to the normal price, with discounts the total rental period is longer)

You can also pay the remaining rental payments at once at any other time and buy the device immediately.

The delivery costs and collection are already included in your rent.

The Assault AirBike Elite takes interval training to the next level with its smooth ride, ergonomic design and advanced console features that deliver an intense, thoughtful training experience. The nearly limitless adjustability of this machine gives the exerciser the freedom to choose between a steady heart rate workout or high-intensity interval training.

This bike was designed to give you the close proximity to a gym you can have from the comfort of your own home. The Assault AirBike Elite's detachable console features a high-quality LCD screen with Bluetooth® connectivity and a variety of functions. Featuring a solid steel frame, solid steel cranks, corrosion resistance and a solid aluminum seatpost and slider so this bike will ride for years to come. Engineered for strength, durability and hardcore use, you'll come back day after day to burn more calories. In fact, we're saying that not only is this bike causing the fire, it's causing the inferno.

Ideal for interval training

Because the Assault team knows firsthand the amazing effectiveness of interval training, the Assault Elite was designed with interval training in mind. The Elite Bike offers increased resistance as the cadence increases and the option to target the upper and lower body individually or together. We've also equipped this bike with the ability to pedal forwards or backwards to add extra variety to your workout.

Elite extras

The Assault Elite has been fitted with an exceptionally comfortable large seat to provide support on a longer ride. A windscreen can easily be used or removed to allow for a more breezy or less breezy ride.

LCD display with performance measurement

This LCD display allows users to connect via Bluetooth and ANT. Monitoring your heart rate is straightforward and you can quickly connect your mobile device for data tracking. Classic time, distance, and calorie goal programs are available, but the HIIT interval training programs available on the console are particularly exciting.

Standard Shipping

  • Curbside shipping
  • Independent assembly necessary for the first delivery of a new device , dismantling not necessary
  • Storage of the packaging is not necessary
Frau auf Sessel denkt über Bestellung eines Sportgerätes nach. Im Hintergrund steht ein Rudergerät.

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