In our FAQs we answer frequently asked questions about renting one of our products.

General information

We are your landlord for high-quality and durable products on the market. Flexible, easy and with no hidden costs.

Please send your commercial rental request to tom@knowthedrills.com.

It is best if you let us know directly which devices you would like to rent and for how long, and whether you are interested in additional services such as maintenance.

Please email us at kontakt@knowthedrills.com.

an order

The rental starts on the day you can start your training, i.e. the delivery of your device. The collection of your rental payment is separate from this and can take place before the start of the rental period.

You can cancel your rental agreement via the customer portal or by sending us a letter to kontakt@knowthedrills.com . Please note that termination is only possible after the selected minimum rental period has expired.

Knowthedrills rents new and like-new products. Before we rent out new devices, they go through an extensive quality check and are gradually refurbished. The devices are then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We therefore only supply devices that are in perfect condition and meet our high quality standards.

We ship throughout Germany.

NOTE: Island deliveries may incur additional costs that you have to bear. Please contact us in advance.

No, we do not charge you any additional shipping costs for delivery and collection on top of the monthly rent, unless otherwise stated.

NOTE: Island deliveries may incur additional costs that you have to bear. Please contact us in advance.

For the return shipment, the device must be cleaned, safe and ready for shipment in the original manufacturer's box.

If the device was delivered without a box, we will pick it up again in the same way.

Our logistics partner takes care of the delivery and collection for us. As soon as your device is dispatched, you will receive information by e-mail and the delivery date will be coordinated with you.

Smaller devices will be sent to you by parcel. You must then keep the packaging well for the return shipment. For larger devices, we come in pairs and set up the device where you want it.

If the device is available in our warehouse, we usually deliver within 14 days. In exceptional cases, this can be delayed a little and also depends a little on when you make an appointment with our logistics partner.

purchase option

This system applies to all rentals concluded before June 30th, 2022:

With the purchase option, your previously paid rental contributions will be offset against the purchase price (RRP of the manufacturer) on a pro rata basis. The percentage calculation and thus the remaining purchase price of the device is based on the previous rental period.

03-12 months -> 40% of your rent will be credited

13-24 months -> 50% of your rent will be credited

Yes, you can simply rent the device until you can buy the device for 1 EUR. Alternatively, you can pay the outstanding rent at once and take over the device. The total rental period until you can take over the device can be found on the product page under "Purchase option".

ATTENTION: The old credit system still applies to devices rented before June 30th, 2022.

damage and loss

Of course not, you should of course be able to use your device without any worries. Normal and slight signs of wear are part of the use.

You must notify us immediately if your device is not working properly or if it is broken.

You will usually receive feedback on how to proceed within a few days. We can usually guarantee a replacement device or repair within 14 days.

If the device is damaged, you are 90% covered by our insurance promise and you only have to bear 10% of the costs.

Further questions?

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