Office goes fit: How sport in the office supports and encourages employees

Office goes fit: Wie Sport im Büro Mitarbeiter unterstützt und fördert - Knowthedrills
The motivation of the employees is not a matter of course. Be it through certain routines, through monotonous activities or through the sheer everyday office life. At this point, from Knowthedrills' point of view, it is your duty to meet your people in the office and in the field where they are and to take the next steps towards a healthy office relationship together with them. Going to the gym after work, the classic workout, is a common hobby for many. But why should you necessarily have to go to an external gym for this? Can't you combine office and fitness? Knowthedrills shows reasons why work and sporting pleasure do not have to take place separately from each other if the right solutions are pursued.

Reason 1: Financial incentives for health

Corporate benefits are not a matter of course, but more than just welcome. Ultimately, it is also beneficial for you as an employer or department head to pay attention to the health of your colleagues. Back pain, muscle-induced migraines, and a throbbing knee all develop quickly from sitting for forty hours a week. With discounted memberships or "free units" in the office gym, you subliminally take care of everyone's long-term health. You have two advantages directly on your side and made use of for yourself: The unbeatable location (across the hall or just one floor higher) of your studio saves every participant tons of time, which he now has at his free disposal. Second, sooner or later they will develop a strong sympathy for you that will be difficult to shake. Employer branding made easy!

Reason 2: Attractiveness as an employer

In the "War for Talents" you as an employer have to pay attention to many things. Payment structures are by no means as relevant to millennials as a relaxed team structure, an exciting everyday life and, above all, a healthy work-life balance. You are the one who can collect plus points in application rounds and internships with an ergonomically designed workplace, breakout rooms and fitness studio. It's the little things that show appreciation. Such tools not only work for newly acquired employees, they also motivate the existing team. Why? Caring and attractiveness only emerge as a lasting impression through consistency. A small change here and there moves more than a huge restructuring with a bang! With a rented fitness studio, you can provide all employees with state-of-the-art equipment flexibly and as required.

Reason 3: Work with us

Knowthedrills is what is essential in sport: Absolutely dynamic. We rent high-quality devices and small equipment for your office or for renting for flexible home use. May it be an all-in-one session on one of our Technogym equipment his or her hands on sweaty cardio, fueled by us and Rower from Concept2 ? Come to us and we will make your wishes come true.

Sport is individual, just like your organization. So let's talk about what you need together!

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