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We at Knowthedrills make you fit. And it is precisely this promise that has come up incredibly often, from an incredible number of places, to athletes all over the world. But we're not a gym, at least not in the traditional sense. We are your partner to grow almost from the couch. Admittedly, you also have to work a little on yourself, but the motivation and equipment come from us. Flexible, reliable and above all - to your home. But how exactly do we want to help you get better? With which of our devices do you achieve the best possible results for your path and do you absolutely need a full gym to be fit, healthy and flexible? We answer all of these questions and bring the benefits of home gym right to the table!

What is sport supposed to do anyway?

We from Knowthedrills rent sports equipment. Nice and good. But who are we addressing? Is it just the athletes who, after two sessions in their box or studio, want to squeeze in an hour of cardio at home before the next training day is almost knocking on the door? Or is it the people among us who find new motivation for a short time every New Year, but give up after a week and two sweaty sessions in the studio? Neither nor! We have a place for everyone, but we prefer you to be with us when you know what you want and really step on the gas every now and then.

If at least one of these points appeals to you, then you've come to the right place:

1. Improve body awareness:

Sport makes you get to know your body better. It may sound pathetic, but it is nothing but the pure truth. By stimulating the muscles, you create connections that your body would otherwise lack. Exercise will improve your condition, coordination and posture. New studies in physiotherapy, for example, repeatedly point out that when it comes to back and neck problems, it is not the sitting everyday life as such that is the problem: it is more likely that you are missing supporting muscles. Your body "rusts faster" and cannot balance out any incorrect posture.

2. Increase sleep quality through exercise

Some things can be so simple: through exercise you increase your performance and literally air your head because you need more oxygen, but regular exercise and an active life also mean that you fall into bed faster at night. After all, your muscles had to work hard! So if you just can't get any rest, maybe a sweaty workout will help next time!

3. Get back in shape!

Better sleep and a healthier life will not leave you unscathed: after a while, some things will change about you, in terms of your health and your eyes. This is how a cycle begins that no longer takes you away rowing machine down and off weight vests lets dream. You will look and feel better provided you are consistent. After about four to six weeks of regular training, you will feel that habits can be changed and ingrained. We at Knowthedrills would like to accompany you over the old habits to new habits!

Start effectively, stay effective: The home gym

With the help of a rented home gym you are completely independent. You can do whatever and whenever you want. It starts with the opening hours of a studio: Let's assume your gym opens from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. That's often enough, but sometimes things don't go as planned. The working day was long, the schedule was blown up. Another day without sport? No! Get on those Bench by Technogym and get to the workout!

But the studio itself also has disadvantages. After all, it's not just directly across from your apartment. Most of the time you drive 15-30 minutes there, the same time back. If you count on 30 minutes per trip, then you have already completed a whole training session at home within this hour driving time and can devote yourself to other things. A rented home gym from high-quality manufacturers such as Technogym or Concept2 saves lifetime and makes you fitter - what more could you ask for?

In addition, not every piece of equipment on your training plan is immediately available in the studio. So here you are waiting again. If you do sports in your own four walls, you only have to be accountable to yourself and can burn calories and muscles in one tour.

Conclusion: For whom is it worth renting fitness equipment?

Sport is for everyone, and equipment should also be accessible to everyone. Whether skipping rope, weight vest, multi-tool from Technogym or Cardiomonster from Concept2: Knowthedrills provides you with everything you need. Your athletic level is secondary. The first thing that counts for us is having fun with exercise and the will to grow. We support you with functional devices that can be used in a variety of ways and all make the whole body burn. This saves you space, time and keeps you on the ball. Have fun sweating!

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