AssaultFitness = Stability. Power. Dynamics.

AssaultFitness = Stabilität. Kraft. Dynamik. - Knowthedrills

We introduce you to our ultimate partner and at the same time one of the best sports equipment manufacturers, AssaultFitness. The family business from California specializes in cardio equipment, including the well-known AirBike. The cardio equipment is constantly being revised and improved with constant feedback from professionals from the CrossFit industry as well as from physiotherapists.

For years, the AssaultBike was used at the CrossFit Games and gained notoriety. UFC fighters in the UFC Performance Institute also train with bikes and runners to prepare for the next fight. Famous names like Joe Rogan, Brandon Moreno, Jason Khalipa and many more rave about the high-quality equipment.

Consisting of three product lines, there is something for every wish. All devices can be used without electricity and can be transported compactly. With the modern design and high-quality equipment, you can't go wrong here.

Classic line:

The Classic Line consists of the AirBike Classic, which is perfect for use at home. You train your whole body and see (and feel) your progress in no time. It is not for nothing that the Airbike is also called the Devil's Tricycle.

Per line:

With the Pro product line, there are a number of advantages. These devices can be used for the home gym as well as professionally. They have a black look and are compatible with the AssaultFitness app.

The Runner Pro also enables a healthier running form thanks to the curved belt and includes several training programs. With sturdy design, corrosion resistant quality and durable strap, this device is perfect!

Elite line:

The Elite line, consisting of the Bike Elite, the Runner Elite and the Rower Elite, is suitable for those who expect the professionalism of a gym. On these durable devices you have a feeling of lightness as well as a challenging resistance. You burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time by pushing your body to the limit.

Tuesday Tips:

If you need help or inspiration when using your sports equipment, you can find it here  many tips and tricks that can help you with the application, workout ideas, assistance and instructions for care.


Look around!

It all sounds cool, doesn't it? If you want, feel free to look around in our shop . At Knowthedrills you will find the AssaultBike Classic, AssaultBike Elite, AssaultRunner Pro, AssaultRunner Elite and AssaultRower Elite at a reasonable rental rate. You don't have to bind yourself directly to a device with us, you can test it out for a minimum rental period of three months and then decide whether you want to keep it. Super flexible and transparent. Have fun looking around!

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